Current Year: E5Y185[6800]


A simple timeline of the entire political history of Mundu.

Welcome to the Mundu WikiEdit

This wiki is a page giving information on a personal project I have been working on. This is mostly a test, and I don't plan on expanding too much.

Samoor Empire Central Union Southern Empire Oceanic Union Northern Union
Barok Siovok Eleswyn Miintry Novisad
Siremyn Ivanyc Bywrok Mykolviin Virasvyn
Samoor-Cry Cantavir Azira-Farcry Kapuvar
Vosprym Skamryl [Myshzuul]

Mundu With International, Territorial, and District Borders

Mundu With International, Territorial, and District Borders

Created by BucketOfMilk18Created by BucketOfMilk18

Latest activityEdit

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